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My goal is that you feel safe, that you decide what you want to achieve, that you do the things that you feel help you best and at the pace that you determine. My role here is that of mirror, explainer and game leader in the exercises you could do to better feel what you feel and to become aware of your ingrained patterns, which gives you more influence over them. The following step-by-step plan is aimed at this.


Initial interview

After I have received your registration I will contact you. I will then discuss with you whether I can answer your request for help in principle and whether you have come to the right place. If this is not the case, I would be happy to help you figure out where you could go.

If you want to continue with me, it is advisable that prior to the introductory meeting, you:

  • Read the Information for the introductory meeting, which explains what my working method is, what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. I can explain things that you do not understand during the introductory meeting.
  • Install Microsoft Teams, see Teams Clientportal. I can help you with this.
  • print out the Registration Agreement form and fill in your details. If this is not possible, we will complete the form together, if necessary at the start of the first consultation. (Make sure you have the information you need to fill in with you.)

It is essential that you bring the following to the initial consultation:

  • The above-mentioned Registration Agreement, or in any case the information that must be entered in it;
  • a legitimate ID;
  • your BSN code (This can be found on your Dutch ID or on a certificate from the civil registry.)
  • if you want your Dutch health insurance to reimburse (part of) your costs:
    • a referral letter (verwijsbrief) from your GP to basic mental health care. (If you have received a message that your GP has already forwarded the referral to me, you do not need to take the referral with you.) If your GP does not know what should be included in the referral letter, look here;
    • your health insurance certificate.


At the start of the first consultation I will check the information you have brought with you, answer any questions you may have after the introductory meeting, and ask you to sign the Registration Agreement. Then the investigation phase begins.

We will have a conversation in which we will map out together what your request for help is, what help options are available, and what goals you want to set. This usually takes 1 or 2 consultations.

At the end, I will draw up the Diagnosis and Treatment Agreement (Diagnose en behandelovereenkomst) in mutual consultation with you and you will decide whether you want to undergo treatment. See the Step-by-step care plan page for more information.


The treatment can only start once you have agreed to the Diagnosis and Treatment Agreement. We follow the therapies indicated in the treatment plan. We regularly evaluate progress and adjust the treatment plan if necessary. This phase usually lasts 1-10 consultations.

At the end, in consultation with you, I will draw up the final report on the treatment process. See the Step-by-step care plan page for more information.

Aftercare and coaching

To continue your learning process, it may be necessary for us to maintain contact at regular intervals to discuss your current experiences or to repeat exercises. This is a form of coaching.

Work-related problems and expat problems often involve training and coaching and not therapy. That requires a unique approach. From my experience I can offer you a number of options and together we can determine the approach that best suits your circumstances and needs.


The client file is drawn up in joint consultation and thus ensures that you as a client, and I as a practitioner, have a common picture of the intended and implemented treatment process. The client-file consists of:

  • The Information during the introductory meeting (only the link to the website);
  • The signed Registration Agreement with initial agreements;
  • The established Diagnosis and treatment agreement with agreements for during the treatment; these agreements can be adjusted during the treatment process and in mutual consultation, which will be noted in the electronic patient file (EPD); and
  • The established Final report on the treatment process.

Only this page and page Information for the introductory meeting have been translated into English. It is your personal responsibility to get the other documents of my website properly translated to the language you understand. You could use Google Translate, as I dit for the present document. If the translation is unclear or wrong, I am willing to  provide an explanation.