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Information for intoductory meeting

I am committed to ensuring that you have been properly informed before you enter treatment, and that there is no uncertainty about what you can expect from me, and I from you, regarding the treatment relationship. This concerns the consequences of the Medical Treatment Agreement Act (WGBO) and various other laws and rules that I have elaborated in my General Terms and Conditions (Algemene-voorwaarden). You must have agreed to this before I can enter into a Treatment Agreement (Behandelingsovereenkomst) with you.

The following points were/will be explained verbally during the introductory meeting:

Client brochure

Informative information can be found in the client brochure (cliëntenfolder) of my professional association (LVVP).


I will treat everything you discuss with me as strictly confidential. If it is desirable to share information with others, I will only do so after I have asked you for permission and you have given it, unless the Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Reporting Code (Meldcode huiselijk geweld en kindermishandeling) applies.

File (dossier)

I keep everything that is important for and about your treatment in your electronic file (Dossier). The most important information is summarized in the client file; You will receive/ be sent a copy of this during the approval process. I will keep your file for 20 years, unless you order the file to be destroyed sooner. You can always view your file and (under certain conditions) have it destroyed earlier.

Information security

The processing of your information in my information system (informatiesysteem) complies with security and privacy legislation. I use secure healthcare email (zorgmail) for emails with privacy-sensitive information. If you want to send me privacy-sensitive information, first ask me to send you a zorgmail email that you can then answer “safely”.


The steps of the examination and treatment process are described on the website under Method (Werkwijze). Before we start, you must have provided your details and agreed to the Registration Agreement (Aanmeldingsovereenkomst). Before actual treatment can begin you must have agreed to the Diagnosis and treatment agreement (Diagnose en behandelovereenkomst). At the end I make a final report on the treatment process (Eindverslag behandeltraject). These documents will be written in Dutch and if asked, explained in English.

Treatment rates

I use the Rates published by the central government. In case of late cancellation I use a no-show rate, see my Payment conditions.

Billing and payment

In principle, I invoice per consultation, directly to you. I use the rates published by the central government (Tarieven). The invoice is sent by email and is accompanied by an electronic payment request (“tikkie”). You must pay within a week. After a week I can charge costs such as 4% interest and a minimum of 40 euros collection costs. In case of late cancellation I use a no-show rate. See my Payment conditions.

Cancel appointment

You can cancel or change appointments up to 24 hours before the appointment by sending me an app or email, otherwise the no-show rate applies.

Reimbursement by health insurance

I don’t have contracts with health insurers. If your treatment falls under Dutch Insured care (Verzekerde zorg), you can submit the invoice to your health insurance company after you have paid it to me. Depending on the type of policy, you will be reimbursed for all or part of it – you should check this with your health insurance company yourself; Please note that I do not have a contract with your insurance company. Please note that your deductible is addressed first.

An important condition for qualifying for insured care is that you have a referral letter for mental health care from your GP (Verwijsbrief). You must arrange this yourself before the treatment starts.

Complaints procedure

If you are not satisfied with your treatment, please let me know, see my Complaints Procedure (Klachtenregeling).

Crisis service

As an independent mental health psychologist, I cannot provide a crisis service. For this I refer you to the regular services, see In case of emergency Bij spoed.


In the event that I am unavailable for a long period of time, I will do my best to refer you to a colleague; or otherwise the GP, see Waarneming.

Quality statute

You can view my completed and approved Quality Charter at the practice.


During the introductory meeting I will ask you to complete and sign the Registration Agreement (Aanmeldingsovereenkomst). In this way you indicate that I have discussed the above with you, that you agree to the General Terms and Conditions, and that you give me permission to:

• process the mandatory personal data and your treatment data in my information system (informatiesysteem);

• send your GP a letter when you enter treatment and at the end of the treatment process, after you have approved the contents of the letter;

• to have substantive peer consultation about your treatment, without revealing your identity;

• once every five years, give colleagues from my professional association access to an anonymized version of your file in order to advise on improving the quality of my business operations;

• to provide the Dutch Healthcare Authority with the legally required, anonymized data about the treatment process, unless you have signed a Privacy Statement (Privacyverklaring) that is included in your file;

• to record the legally required information about the treatment on the invoice, unless you have signed a privacy statement;

• to give your health insurance company access to my information system to check my data regarding declarations.

If you have any questions about the above, feel free to ask me for an explanation.

Language and translation

The default language of my website, treatment and your file (dossier) is Dutch. If you want this, I could do the treatment in English, but only if you have a sufficient command of this language. In principle the documents of your file will be in Dutch only. This is also true for the documents you are supposed to sign aftern I have verbally described the Dutch content to you in English. It is your personal responsibility to get the documents of your file, and the other documents, properly translated to the language you understand best. You could use Google Translate for a basic translation, as I did for the present page. In case of discrepancies between the Dutch document and te translation, the original Dutch document prevails.