Verander taal naar Nederlands

About me

What moves me
I was born in former Yugoslavia and came to the Netherlands after the war. My personal life story has helped me develop into someone who has an eye for others. I like to share my acquired knowledge and experience. I have learned that there is resilience in every person and I see it as a personal challenge to address and mobilize this resilience. I am touched again and again when this succeeds and someone is better able to live the life that often seemed impossible for a long time. That’s why I love my job.

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My training
When I came to the Netherlands, I first had to learn Dutch. I then completed a clinical psychology course at the University of Amsterdam, followed by the training for healthcare psychologist, abbreviated as a health psychologist. I have also completed the courses associated with the therapies and training that I provide.

My experience
After my studies, I worked at Stichting Centrum ’45 and gained experience in treating trauma in people from different cultures. I then worked for 12 years in specialist rehabilitation and reintegration, in a multidisciplinary team. Here I gained experience with stress and other work-related problems. Treatment was not only individual but also in groups, because group interaction can accelerate some learning processes. I have also treated people with (unexplained) physical complaints; These complaints are often accompanied by fear, sadness and unrecognized trauma symptoms.